Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (MSK) is a specific area of Physiotherapy that treats conditions and injuries which affect the joints, muscles, and soft tissues.

MSK Physiotherapy can treat a wide variety of conditions. These include:

  • Muscle strains and pain/aches;
  • Joint problems;
  • Back Pain;
  • Osteoporosis/Arthritis;
  • Sports-related injuries;
  • Work-related injuries;
  • Pre and post-surgery rehabilitation;
  • Neck pain and headaches;
  • Other chronic pain and fatigue syndromes.

What does the MSK Physiotherapist do?

In order to optimise the healing process and recover from these injuries a physiotherapy assessment and treatment sessions might be required. The MSK Physiotherapist will identify the root cause of the symptoms, create an intervention plan/develop an appropriate treatment plan, work to resolve the symptoms, and ensure that people suffering from musculoskeletal problems return to daily life activities.

The MSK Physiotherapist aims to:

  • Treat the real cause of the pain, not just the symptom;
  • Increase strength;
  • Restore normal movement;
  • Increase independence in activities.

First Appointment

The initial appointment includes a full assessment with one of our Physiotherapists who have an advanced postgraduate training in the assessment and diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions. The outcome is an individual plan adapted to the real needs of each clinical case. The plan may also refer to any other multi-disciplinary team members who may be required to assist in your rehabilitation. Throughout the treatment process, you will have access to our first-class, well-equipped gym facilities to help your path to recovery.

Our Physiotherapists are focused on identifying the root of the problem and maximizing your quality of life, not only physically but also psychologically and emotionally.


London Brentford​

* 60 min – during COVID-19 pandemic, includes 10 min for safety procedures.

Corinthia Lisbon

* During COVID-19 pandemic, includes 10 min for safety procedures.