Sports Physiotherapy & Human Performance


At CMM we provide specialised support to athletes and non-athletes of all ages and different competitive levels, from professionals to amateurs.
This supervision is performed by physiotherapists specialized in the sports area and is divided into:

Rehabilitation: After the injury, the patient is clinically assessed by the Physiotherapist. Once the assessment is completed and the clinical hypothesis is formed, a goal-based and tailor-made rehabilitation plan is created to help the patient to return to his previous functional capacity (and preferably increase).

Injuries don’t always occur simply by chance or “bad luck” – there can be many other contributing factors, such as bad nutrition, poor sleep, stress, sedentarism, bad training habits and routines. These factors and others can contribute to increased injury probability.

Most common sports injuries:

  • Stress fractures;
  • Tendinopathies;
  • Muscle injuries;
  • Plantar fasciitis;
  • Back pain;
  • Sprains;
  • Joint injuries -dislocations and subluxations;
  • Among others.

Specialised Performance Physiotherapy: Prescription of a training plan designed to improve physical capacities such as mobility, strength, power, speed, agility, and endurance, adjusted to individual needs and limitations, to reduce the risk of injury and enhance performance.At CMM we deeply believe that everyone should have their own standard of Human Performance.

Through education, physiotherapy, and exercise, we use techniques to take you a step further to achieve a pain-free and healthy lifestyle with no disabilities or limitations so that you can achieve high levels of performance every day.

Our programmes are based on personalisation and individualisation as we believe that every person has distinctive characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. A “one size fits all” approach is not effective and therefore, we adapt our entire treatment programme to your own needs which means the assessment and the retests are top priorities during the process.

To maximize your progress, you will have access to the most advanced and specialised equipment and technology. However, our key strength is our team of professionals you will engage with. They are equipped to guide you through the most appropriate and evidence-based strategies adapted to your condition, using exercise and other physiotherapy related strategies.

Main objectives of Human Performance:

  • Improve physical fitness;
  • Enhance performance;
  • Re-education of lifestyle;
  • Reduce the risk of injury.

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* 60 min – during COVID-19 pandemic, includes 10 min for safety procedures.