Human Performance

Injury, pain and disability are amongst the most limiting causes that negatively impact people’s lives. However, in helping you to re-gain a more positive lifestyle, we need treat the “injury” as an opportunity for change.

Injuries do not always simply occur randomly or down to “bad luck” – there may be many other factors that could have contributed such as bad nutrition, poor sleep, stress, sedentarism, bad training habits and routines.  All these – plus many other factors – can contribute to the increased pain and disability.

For this reason, we focus on human performance in the whole process of returning to an active and healthy lifestyle.

What is human performance?  Everybody needs to perform well and so we take the view that everyone should be treated as top performers – whether it is in sport, work or just completing daily tasks and routines.

During rehabilitation, treatment of pain is just one part of the journey – it is not the focus of the entire rehabilitation process.  Also, just absence of pain does not equate to high performance.  Through education, physiotherapy treatment and exercise, we use the techniques to take you a step further to achieving a pain-free and healthy lifestyle with no disabilities or limitations in order that you can achieve high levels of performance every single day.

Our programmes are based on personalisation and individualisation as we believe that every single person has their own distinctive characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. A “one size fits all” approach is not effective and therefore, we adapt our entire treatment programme to your own needs which means that assessment and tests are top priorities in the process.

To augment your progress, you will have access to the most advanced and speclalised equipment and technology.  However, our key strength is our team of professionals you will engage with.  They are equipped to guide you through the most appropriate and evidence-based strategies adapted to your condition, utilising exercise and other physiotherapy related strategies.

We do not provide “miracle” solutions but we can help you to change your life through education and behavioural change.


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* 60 min – during COVID-19 pandemic, includes 10 for safety procedures.