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Pelvic Physiotherapy is indicated for the treatment of pelvic dysfunction (urogenital and rectal) due to changes in the pelvic floor structures (also known as perineum).

It is important to note that the pelvic floor performs several functions in our body like:

         · Organ support (bladder, uterus, rectum)
         ·  Organ protection (urethra and anus)
         ·  Promote urinary and faecal continence (allows us to control the circulation of urine, faeces, and gases, either to avoid or control its exit)
         ·  Sexual function

In other words, the pelvic floor supports several organs of our pelvic cavity that is composed of a set of muscles, fascia, and ligaments.

What are the causes of urogenital and rectal dysfunctions?
Due to muscles changes in:

         ·  Pregnancy and/or childbirth
         ·  Surgery
         ·  Dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint
         · Trauma
         ·  Bad posture
         ·  Sudden appearance

Main clinical conditions with indication for Pelvic Physiotherapy:
Pelvic Physiotherapy is indicated as the first therapeutic option, either as prevention or as treatment for the main clinical conditions:

Preparation for childbirth – to minimize possible consequences of pregnancy and childbirth.
         ·  Postpartum recovery.
         ·  Urinary incontinence
         ·  Faecal incontinence
         ·  Pelvic pain
         ·  Perineal pain
         ·  Sexual dysfunctions
         ·  Prolapse of the pelvic organs
         ·  Overactive bladder
         ·  Chronic obstipation
         ·  Enuresis (involuntary loss of urine while sleeping)
         ·  Among others

Main Physiotherapy techniques for the Pelvic Floor:
There are several techniques used during Physiotherapy sessions, however the most applied are:

         ·  Exercises for the pelvic muscles
         ·  Biofeedback
         ·  Muscle electrostimulation
         ·  TeCare (thermotherapy)
         ·  Myosfascial therapy
         ·  Teaching new habits
         ·  Education related to daily life habits

The Physiotherapist role.
The initial appointment includes a full assessment with one of our Physiotherapists who is specialized in women’s health. The outcome is an individual plan of treatment that meets with your objectives, that also identifies with your main problems and concerns.

Treatments advised may include:
         ·  Pilates
         ·  Hands-on therapy 
Soft tissue massage therapy
         ·  Strength and conditioning therapy
         ·  Electrotherapy

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