I was in the public system for physiotherapy, but it wasn’t working for me, I wasn’t feeling any better.

From the first consultation, I realized straight away what I was missing out.

Here, is totally explained, I was able to understand what I had to do to be part of my rehab.


I broke all the bottom of my leg.
The idea was to make progress over time – the Physio understood we couldn’t take things too fast, too soon.
Coming here gave me the boost to carry on.


Ana was superb – I have seen many physiotherapists over my time but she shone above any so far! She has worked some magic and I am confident about her advice to keep up the good work done. I will certainly book another appointment once I have put her good advice into practice.

Julie Bruce

I have chronical back pain and had a bad crisis for over a month so I needed help to try to improve my situation and reduce the pain.
The physio focused on understanding my experience of both the pain and its implications to normal life. He also wanted to have an idea about other aspects that impact pain such as level of activity, attitude towards exercise, including personal preferences. He tailored the prescribed training to not just my pain but my activity levels and how used I am to exercising. The physio prescribed a training regime to increase both mobility and strength of my back and we revise progress regularly, increasing difficulty as I become stronger.
I have felt a clear increase in mobility and flexibility, not just on my back but also shoulders and arms. As I spend many hours at the computer, these are areas always under stress and it all impacts my general wellbeing, so reduced tension and strain in these muscles is a great improvement. I’ve also noticed improved core strength which also helps with general posture and back pain. The pain is currently much more manageable, with considerably reduced use of painkillers. I hope continuing with the training programme and developing my general fitness will continue to keep my pain away!

Paula Salgado

Scientist and Senior Lecturer at Newcastle University

I cannot recommend them enough. I was hit by a car whilst on my pedal bike. I literally crawled into the centre with unbelievable back pain. After the first session I could move and the pain was massively reduced. I have just had my second appointment and feel like a new person. Ana’s knowledge and skill are amazing and she genuinely cares about all her patients. Four people I recommended her to have all had the same level of care and results. If you are not sure whether to try her, my advice is to at least try one appointment and then decide whether to stay with her. Unlike many places her aim is to get you to a place where you don’t need to return but simply keep up the exercises she gives you.

Albert Harwood